Green Cube

Green Cube, by Tich Consulting is a single electronic clinical record database which covers the management and registration of any health centre or health network and its areas.

It offers complete and integrated management of the different procedures and workflows, allowing the interaction between different health centres. It is accessible from any place, through an internet connection and complies with information security policies which lead to a better quality of care.

GreenCube is a flexible and intuitive system that makes day-to-day work easier for healthcare professionals.

Green Cube allows:

  • The organisation of each of the areas of healthcare activity (hospitalisation, emergency, outpatient consultations, surgery, tests, etc.), allowing faster access to the clinical history of patients and a more flexible and intuitive interaction
  • An overview of the electronic clinical record showing the most relevant information of the clinical process for the patient at any time
  • A record of the clinical history adapted to the specifics of each speciality
  • Mobility, with accessibility through the internet from any place in or outside of the hospital, from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile)
  • Online inter-consultations with other professional areas
  • Assistance in making decisions through guided processes (protocols, clinical routes and algorithms)
    Medical alerts, automatic delivery of relevant information of the patient, pending inter-consultation alerts, pathological test results, allergies and other relevant issues

Ventures Healthcare offers GreenCube in the Middle East in partnership with Tich Consulting. Contact us to find out how GreenCube can work in your healthcare facility.